The First Step


Getting started can be hard. It can be paralyzing.

When I hear people say,

“I don’t know how to draw.”

What I always think is, ‘they don’t know how to start.’

Starting starts the thinking, the problem solving,

the figuring it out.


This, I think, is true for lots of things.


When I feel that I am teaching well,

I put a lot of energy into helping my students get started.

I give them all the support they need to do so.

ALL the support. Everything I can.

Because I know, if they don’t get started,

if they can’t make that first step,

their is no chance for a journey.


Completing this first step

can build some confidence.

Sometimes, lots of confidence.

Confidence is powerful.


Confidence is power.


The first step rarely gets any glory.

I think it should.


It may not be the most exciting.

But the first step is always the most important.




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