Comprehension & Creativity


When a student comprehends

something, anything really,

they can use it to create.


For instance, a student who

comprehends the concepts of

tension, revision and voice

can use these concepts

to create

stories, paintings, poems, music,

dance, or scenes in a play or movie.


However, when a student uses these

concepts to create,

through the act of creation,

they often will gain

new understandings

of these concepts.


Creativity is not always about product.

Creativity is often a means of discovering

a better (or different) understanding

of ourselves, a topic, a process, possibility

and concepts.


Students need to comprehend

in order to create but

they also need to create

to better comprehend.


Comprehension and creation

are different sides of the same coin.


The arts are as much about comprehension

as they are about creation.




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