On Opening Day

My father grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. He was six years old when the Dodgers won their only Championship in Brooklyn. That type of event can hold a great deal of meaning for a child. I know, I was ten years old when the Dodgers won their last Championship in Los Angeles.

My dad is one of a few Dodgers fans who survived the move west from Brooklyn to Los Angeles prior to the 1958 season. Most were heartbroken because the Dodgers left them and couldn’t bear to continue rooting for the team. My Dad was such a fan after that 1955 championship that he continued to root for the team.

I grew up idolizing the Dodgers. My Dad took me to Veterans Stadium to see them every time they played in Philadelphia. I was able to fly my Dad out to Los Angeles a few years ago on Father’s Day to see his first Dodgers game at Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles.

As I have grown into adulthood, the games hold less meaning than they did when I was a kid, although my Dad and I still talk about most games, win or lose. My own children also share our love for the Dodgers. It would be an amazing thing for three generations to celebrate the next Dodgers World Championship.

However, the reason I write about this today is because we are about to experience the Opening Day of School.

As a baseball fan, Opening Day is one of the best days of the year.

On Opening Day, everyone has hope!

On Opening Day, every team has their best pitcher on the mound, and has a great chance of winning.

On Opening Day, every team is tied for first place.

When baseball fans say, “Wait til next year,” next year always starts on Opening Day.

The Opening Day of School is the same.

On Opening Day, everyone has hope!

On Opening Day, everyone gets a fresh start.

On Opening Day, each child is prepared to make it their best year of school.

On Opening Day, each child deserves our best.

On Opening Day, each child should be empowered in such a way that they want to come back each and every day because of our passion for learning.

So, as you prepare for Opening Day, remember to bring your passion. Remember what it was like to be a child and to have unbridled passion for everything that you did. Remember why you decided to teach in the first place. Bring your passion for every student every day! On Opening Day, make the most of your opportunity to give students your best, and ask no less than their best as well!

By @RACzyz

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3 thoughts on “On Opening Day

  1. A few years ago I gave a writing presentation at Dodgertown Elementary School in Vero Beach, Florida. My first question was to ask the students what the name of their school was. They all looked at me as if I was stupid. They responded loudly, “Dodgertown Elementary School.” My second question was to ask why they named the school that. Once again they looked at me as if I was crazy but they stated that the Dodgers for many years played their Spring Training games there. My next question stumped the students and staff. Why was that team named “The Dodgers!”

    When they could not answer that question I showed them a picture of downtown Brooklyn which was mobbed by pedestrians dodging the street cars.

    I was a young child when the Dodgers left my hometown Brooklyn. I will always remember the games that I attended at Ebbets Field.

    1. Thank you very much for your response Jerry! I hope that you enjoyed the post. I spent some time at Vero as a kid during Spring Training, and it was an absolutely amazing place! Go Trolley Dodgers!

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