I often struggle with letting things go. It’s difficult for me to accept when I don’t have control. I wouldn’t consider myself a control freak, but I like when things work out the way I think they should. For me, it often means taking a step back when I recognize that I might be facing a problem. I’ve been trying to follow four simple steps (the acronym I SAM) to get better at this.

Identify. Recognize that you might not have control over a situation or problem.

Step back. Stop for a moment and let go of your ego. See the situation for what it is.

Acknowledge. This is the part that I often miss. Admit that you can’t influence the situation as you would like.

Move On. As Elsa sings, Let it go! The faster you can move past something, the easier it will be in the long run.

The simplicity in the steps might not always apply to every situation, but hopefully it can help you to move past something that might be bothering you.




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