Equity Over Equity


Equity or equity


  1. the quality of being fair or impartial; fairness, impartiality
  2. a right or a legal share of something

It seems that we are often fighting for one over the other.

Some of us fighting for equity, and the ability to give each student exactly what he or she needs no matter the circumstances of their home or school life. 

Some of us fighting to keep the equity that we have built, to remain entrenched in the status quo because it is easier than changing. 

Those who fight in order to maintain their share, fight to suppress others, always see things in terms of wins and losses. If I give up what I’ve built, then I will lose power.

Instead, we need to recognize change for what it is, the ability to make improvements to a system that will work better for everyone.

In fact, our system hasn’t worked for everyone in many years, so it’s probably about time that we did try something new. 

Let’s stop trying to maintain our equity in what we’ve built. Instead, let’s tear it down and build something new that recognizes the needs of all involved. 

Equity over equity.


Rich (@RACzyz)