Learning as Exploration & Creation


From humans earliest days, it seems that we were born to explore. Throughout our time on Earth, humans have traveled over land, over bodies of water, under bodies of water, in our own bodies and through space. Pay attention to the news and you’ll see examples of our interest in exploration on a regular basis. Our constant exploration is one of the things that has enabled our species to flourish. Exploration is basic to our human nature.

Paired with exploration is our interest in creation. We created, shoes, boats, spaceships, telescopes, robots, ad so much more. All things that have helped us to go and see farther and further. Again, turn on the news, flip through a magazine, talk to a neighbor, look at your own life, and you’ll find examples of our ability to constantly create and innovate. Like exploration, creating is also basic to our human nature.

In many ways, it seems that we were born to explore and create. Babies are constantly exploring and young children love to pretend to play and make things. Give them a box and they create a helmet, a spaceship, a bed for their doll or a million other things. I know that even in my own life, I’m happiest when I’m an exploring and creating.

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of educators argue the need to get back to the basics. I agree. Let’s make exploration and creation the basis of our classrooms and schools. Exploration and creation have been a crucial part of our human existence. They are what have not only allowed us to survive but what have allowed us to thrive. There seems to be a good argument that exploring and creating ways to make your classroom and school places where exploration and creation are constant would increase student engagement and learning. Let’s help all students to become the explorers and creators they were born to be.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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