The Dreaded District PD Day


We’ve all been there.

The Dreaded District PD Day.


Some still call it an in-service.

Some try to jazz it up and call it a Staff Professional Learning Day.


No matter what it is called, it has the potential to send teachers back to their classrooms motivated and inspired or overwhelmed with frustration.

With how important the day is, it is surprising that in many districts, the day is planned by only one person. I’ve been in that position. It’s incredibly difficult to plan meaningful and relevant professional learning for a large group of educators.

Everyone wants something different.

Everyone needs something different.

Everyone thinks they know exactly what the day should look like.


So, for those planning the all important District PD Day, two questions arise:

What can actually be accomplished in 6 hours? (Content and Learning)

  • District initiatives?
  • School based or grade level initiatives?
  • Educator-Driven discussions and conversations?
  • Technology focused?
  • State-mandated training?

How do we accomplish it? (Structure and Logistics)

  • Educator CHOICE?
  • Educator Agency?
  • Large Groups or Small Groups?
  • Shorter or longer sessions?
  • Reflection and discussion time?


While one person can usually answer these questions, it usually becomes a more productive use of time when multiple stakeholders have a chance to answer the questions.


Find your ROGUE friends.

Plan together.

Make it meaningful.

Make it relevant.

No longer the DREADED District PD Day.

It doesn’t have to be that way.


Rich (@RACzyz)


For ideas to make PD more meaningful and relevant, check out The Four O’Clock Faculty: A ROGUE Guide to Revolutionizing Professional Development.

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