Educational Haikus


Trevor and I don’t get the opportunity to sit down and create together very often. At a recent conference that we were both attending, we decided to challenge ourselves creatively, and felt that the best and most fun (or ridiculous) way to do this was by creating, drum roll please…

Educational Haikus

So, here they are:


The learner may need

Something more than you can give

Extend yourself more


Chaotic Classrooms

To many seem distracting

But lead to learning



Who often are acting out

Need their voices heard



Can get lost in the product

Focus on process


Do not dismiss joy

Joy is an intervention

Smiles lead to learning


Questions abound when

Answers are not the focus

Question more and more


Questions abound in

Classrooms that foster learning

Questions need to lead


Trevor and Richard

Need to post every day

Finally gave up


Be brave and be bold

At hashtag 4 O C F

Share your best Haikus


Sorry for this post

It is not our greatest work

Had fun anyway!


Rich (@RACzyz) and Trevor (@trevorabryan)