Something Finally Clicked


It can be beautiful when something finally clicks. 

I have spent the last 12 weeks coaching my daughter’s basketball team. 

For weeks, we have been continuing to teach the offense, and talk about “helping” on defense. As I repeat the same things each week, I feel like the girls aren’t listening. 

“Find your spots.”

“Pass and Cut.”

“Help on Defense.”

All of it, in one ear and out the other. 

All of it, until our last game when it finally clicked. 

The girls were moving and passing on offense, finding open space on the floor. On defense, they were supporting each other, providing help when someone was open. It was some of the most beautiful basketball I’ve seen in several years of coaching. 

The referee stopped during halftime and told all of the parents that they should write love letters to the girls after the game, because of the way they played the first half. 

I’m not sure what is was about this game, this point in the season, but…

Something finally clicked. 

At that point, all of the repeating, coaching, feedback, and what seemed like wasted energy, was all worth it. 

While you are stuck in the middle, repeating, coaching, sharing feedback, and giving all of your energy, remember that they are listening. It may not seem like  it, but your students are listening. 

Keep doing the little things each day, and something will finally click. 


Rich (@RACzyz)