Educational Experts



professional development

is geared towards helping everyone

to learn everything equally.


But what if

every teacher

over the course of a year

(or two)

dedicated themselves

to becoming an expert in

one specific area?


Imagine having

teachers who were experts


or classroom management,

or literary essays,

or questioning,

or teaching word problems,

or sketchnoting,

or creating clubs,

or communicating with families,

or reaching hard to reach students,

or engagement,

or mindfulness,

or movement in the classroom,

or alternative seating,

or creating videos?


I’m not talking about

going to one workshop

or visiting one school,

I’m talking about

being valued for

and encouraged

and supported

to do

a deep dive into a

topic of interest,





and connecting,


just like we ask our students to do.


What would happen if

every teacher

became an educational expert

in one thing?


Trevor (@trevorabryan)