Find Your Voice


I always felt like had something to say,

something worth sharing.


But I never knew what it was.


It took me about 10 years

into my teaching career

to begin to find

what i think of

as my voice.


It’s took me almost

another 10 years

to understand

what I was trying to say.


I’m just beginning

to learn how

to share my voice

so that others

can understand

what I’m saying.


You have a voice.

Your students have voices.

Be patient in finding them.

It may take time.

Maybe a long time.

But it’s worth it.


Your voice has value.

Your students voices have value.


Listening is important.

But don’t just learn

to be a good listener.

Learn to be a good talker too.

It takes practice and time.

Please start today.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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