Building Curriculum


As we build our curriculums

we must

start seeing them

as foundations

not ceilings.


They must be

the start

and not

the end.


Our curriculums

must be mechanisms

for launching

our students

into the unknown,

providing opportunities

for exploration and discovery,

for expanding possibility,

for all of us.


If our curriculums


if they are only built

around the known,

what’s already

been done,

our students

won’t only be



be underprepared

for their future.


If as educators,

we are measuring

our students

by asking questions

or posing problems that

have fixed solutions

that we know the answers to

we are simply

teaching history.


And although

understanding history

is certainly worthwhile,

critical even,

we shouldn’t all be

history teachers

all of the time.


Our students need

to explore the future

and nobody knows

what the future holds.

But that is where our

students will live.


They need to be




problem solvers.


Well designed


should create space

for the unknown

as well as the known.


If curriculum

is not opening

the doors to possibility,

then it’s essentially

shutting the door

on our students



Trevor (@trevorabryan)