Writing as Punishment


I write every day. As of today, I have written 166 days in a row. There are some days when nothing comes to mind, but I write anyway. I never view writing as a punishment. I enjoy it.

On some days, I complete my writing late at night because I haven’t been able to write all day. When I say I haven’t been able, it might be a physical roadblock. Schedules, more important tasks, and family time take precedence. On occasion, writing doesn’t occur during the day due to a mental roadblock. I need to be in the right frame of mind.

Regardless of why I can’t write, I never view the act as a punishment. Again, I enjoy writing. Which leads me to my point, as a parent or teacher, you have power over kids when it comes to writing.

Never, ever, turn writing into a punishment.

The act of writing should be a beautiful endeavor. Don’t turn it into something else.




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