What are your Most Meaningful Priorities?


This time in history has given us the space needed to think about priorities. What may have seemed like it was at the top of the list previously may have taken a back seat. Hopefully, we have all re-examined our priorities. 

As you begin this school year, ask yourself this simple question:

What are my most meaningful priorities?

For many of us, health and safety will be at the top of this list. We might spend most of our time on this. In fact, it is very likely we will spend a large portion of time on this; more so than in any other areas. This is almost a guarantee.

So, when you have everything in place for their health and safety, what comes next? You may have little time with students in the classroom or online. The time that you do spend with them will take on a new meaning.

What do you want to accomplish with students during that time? 

Social emotional learning and skills?

Basic subject area foundations?

Problem solving and creativity?

Citizenship and empathy? 

What will you and students focus on?

Ask the question again:

What are my most meaningful priorities?

Think deeply about your answer. Re-examine your priorities. Make your time together meaningful. Stay safe and healthy.

It’s NOT Back to School as normal. 

Welcome back!




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