I Miss It All


What do I miss the most?


The fist bumps each morning as students enter the building.

When a Kindergarten student asks me to tie their shoe.

The hum of a room full of students inspired to find the answer at all costs.

Turning a crummy day around by joining in a game of Castle Ball during gym class.

The pure joy that happens each day in preschool, no matter what the activity.

Fifth grade WIN time when each student stops me to show me what they are working on.

Our student PALS helping to tutor younger students in the hallway.

Getting lost in a teacher’s read aloud as if I’m one of the kids.

Our monthly assembly to recognize students and staff.

The ability to ask students as they leave for the day, “So how was your day?”

And the heartwarming feeling when one of the students says, “My day was great. How was yours Mr. Czyz?”

I miss it all.


What do you miss most?

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Rich (@RACzyz)