Spring Cleaning

It’s just about time for Spring cleaning.

When spring cleaning comes to mind, typically you think of getting out the bleach, the mop, and the hoover. Get in contact with some Window Cleaning People and clear all the dust of the last few months away. However, once this is done, it’s time to focus on the organization. It’s not as easy as it seems, and it definitely requires some decluttering.

At home, you can hire a dumpster rental and begin to throw away some of the junk that has accumulated over the years. It’ll make you feel so much better once your home is clean and tidy.

You may even decide to give every room in your house a thorough cleaning along the way, as if you’re getting rid of some old junk, who knows what could be festering there? If it’s dust, a cloth and polish, or a vacuum cleaner will suffice. But if you’ve found an infestation of insects, then you may need to contact somewhere like this Indiana pest control company to professionally remove them for you, especially as you don’t want them to come back.

Many of us usually feel better once we’ve given our home a spring clean and removed any items that we no longer need.

The same can be done in your classroom. Look around and decide what can go. Have you not used that class set of laminated world maps in more than a decade? Chances are students might be looking at a map on their device. It is probably time to finally toss them.

Ask yourself a simple question:

When was the last time anyone used this? Was it a year ago? Two? Perhaps even longer? It’s possible to have kept things you never even knew you had for that long, but if it is the case it is likely time to throw it out.

A good general rule of thumb is if an item hasn’t been used in six months by you or your students, it can probably find a new home (in the trash or recycled for a makerspace). You can use some Cheap rubbish removals Melbourne if you’re in that location to handle it, or perhaps look into a recycling scheme in your neighborhood.

While decluttering your learning space, you can also declutter the instructional and learning practices taking place in your class. Look at everything that you do, and make sure that tasks, routines, and procedures are meaningful. If they are not productive for you or students, it’s also time to get rid of them.

After all, it’s just about time for Spring cleaning.

Rich (@RACzyz)