Painting is Poetry

Painting is poetry

that is seen

rather than felt,

and poetry is painting

that is felt

rather than seen.

Leonardo da Vinci


From this stance,

great books

are great works of art

and great writers

are great artists.


Actors can spend weeks or months

close reading a play

in order to perform it well;

to give the audience the information

they need in order for them

to make meaning from it.


When an audience watches a play

they make meaning of it

using many of

the same skills

they use if they

were to read the play.


Why then, are the arts not considered academic

when so much of the cognition

needed to create art (books included)

and to view art (reading included)

is the same as the cognition

needed to perform well academically?


I believe, in fact I know!

good arts education is academic.



Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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