After taking just four classes and student teaching for three months I earned my teacher certification. I’m not sure that even students who go through a full undergraduate program in education are well prepared for their first class of students. Having very little experience and practice left me ill prepared.

Fortunately I was matched with an excellent mentor. Sue was a special-education teacher working with fourth and fifth grade students at the time. I will never forget what she told me on my first day of teaching.

Every decision you ever make should be made in the best interests of students

As I look back on the decisions I’ve made as an educator, both as a teacher and now and administrator, I am often reminded of Sue’s words. ┬áThe decisions that we make have far-reaching impact.

Sometimes more than we realize.

We never know when we will have an impact on a student, so it is important to ALWAYS provide your best for students just in case today is the day.

When faced with a decision that will impact students, I think of another quote by Teddy Roosevelt.


So, today, I challenge you.

Take action.

Avoid doing nothing.

Take action to do the right thing.

Make a decision in the best interest of a child.

Always make decisions in the best interests of students.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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