5 Questions with… Craig Kemp

Each week, I have certain Twitter chats that I take part in. I usually stick to the same chats, but every so often, I stumble onto a new chat. This is how I first found #whatisschool, moderated by the extremely knowledgeable and talented Craig Kemp. Through his website and social media presence, Craig advocates for meaningful change in education. What a great way to use social media! It’s amazing that so many people are starting to use their social media platforms for good. Whilst Craig is attempting to change education, there’s no reason that other people can’t join him. By creating a social media presence, other people can try and improve education for future students. To create a social media presence, it might be worth looking into companies like Nitreo. This company is a jarvee alternative, because some people were recently complaining about Jarvee getting their account blocked on Instagram. That’s not ideal when trying to create an online presence, so companies like Nitreo might be better. SNS Growth is also another growth service company that may not be as effective as other service providers such as Growthoid or Nitreo. With a growing audience, you will begin to have the ability to influence others to make good changes, just like Craig is doing. We are honored to have Craig share with us this week.

5 Questions with… Craig Kemp

  1. What do you most want your students to take with them from your classroom, school or district?

Confidence in their own abilities. I want my students to know they are amazing, at least at something. They need to be proud of who they are as a person and know what they do can make a real difference in the world we live in. Students should be encouraged to pursue their interests. I also want my students to know the power of a Learning Network and being connected.

  1. What are the most rewarding and/or the most frustrating aspects of education?

Rewarding = seeing students learn and be amazed at the world that we live in

Frustrating = politics that take educators away from student learning

  1. What advice would you give to young teachers?

Get involved and get connected. Never underestimate the power of a PLN – set up a twitter account (here are 10 steps to get started –> and blog (I am an educator, what should I tweet about =

  1. What has influenced your career the most?

My mother was my inspiration to get into education – she was a teachers aide growing up and then trained to be a teacher later in her career and has been in the classroom with junior school students for the past 20 years. Having someone close to you that engages learners and inspires every day has made me want to do the same.

  1. As an educator, what are you currently focused on?

Helping other educators get connected and understand the power of a PLN (Professional Learning Network). I want to share my experiences and help other educators harness the power of being connected online. I blog at and tweet here.

Craig is a New Zealand born educator with over 10 years experience both in the classroom and in leadership. He is an enthusiastic, 21st century change agent that is passionate about every aspect of education and making a difference. Craig is based in Singapore and is a Middle School Technology and Innovation Specialist at Stamford American School.

Craig is a Google Certified Teacher and has a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Administration. He was rewarded in 2010 as one of only three teachers in New Zealand by being invited to the NZ Leadership Institution Young Leaders Programme. He is a leading change agent, being involved in the makeover of several schools ICT hardware and programmes, with particular focus on pedagogy to support curriculum integration of technology.

Craig is the co-founder and moderator of the trending twitter ed-chat #whatisschool. The goals of #whatisschool are simple, to give educators a space to express an unbiased response to questions about schooling, where educators have a voice in shaping the future through their experiences, recommendations and interests. #whatisschool is an award winning chat and quickly became one of the most talked about chats on twitter. Make sure you join Craig every Thursday 7pm EDT (Friday 9am AEST).

Craig specialises in global connections, creating enjoyable and engaging learning experiences for students, social media in education, educational technology, inspiring and motivating staff, integrating technology and innovation in education. He is available for speaking engagements both in person and via Skype/Google Hangouts – Please click here for more information.

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